Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Holy Heroes, Batman!! Well, yeah, these guys really ARE . . .

The League of Superheroes is on the way to save the day!


No, not that superhero.

THESE Superheroes:


I should have already made this announcement, but I let the time slip by ( Sorry, Steve).

I am pleased to announce the publication of The League of Superheroes by Stephen L. Rice on October 1, 2008. Here's a summary from Stephen's narrator character:

"World need saving?
This looks like a job for . . .

Yeah, geeks. I mean, who else is going to figure out how to use a super
suit? Not some jock! I'm Tom Reilly (Darklight), a language geek; Rod Davies
(Titan) is the math and physics genius, the smartest guy in high school;
Allen (Tachyon) is our hacker; and Charlie (Micromegas) is our doctor
wannabe. Then there's Clarice, Allen's little sister. You know how kids are.
And Genie, of course--the self-described little girl we know only from chat
rooms. She's the smartest person in history--and probably the most

We've got to save her and the world. I hope we don't get grounded."

I'll be blogging some more about League of Superheroes over the next few days. I know I say this often, but I really, really loved this book! The comic book lover in me, the Christian, the lover of dry humor and goofy teenagers; they were all quite entertained and pleased by it.

Who's the audence for it? First and foremost, comics book fans. Sci-fi fans, anyone who wishes he/she could fly/be a superhero, teenagers (especially teenagers who are kind of geeky). I suppose it will be classified Young Adult or science fiction, but don't let that keep any older folks away.


League of Superheroes
Author: Stephen L. Rice

Publisher: The Writers' Café Press, October 1, 2008
ISBN-10: 193428405X
ISBN-13: 978-1934284056

You can learn more about League of Superheroes and Stephen L. Rice here and here

Purchase from the publisher TWCP, Barnes and Noble, or Amazon.

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