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Chion by Darryl Sloan

Everyone ran to the window when they heard the screams. The students looked down to the ground outside the school and saw people standing and laying down in the snow, screaming as if their life depended on it. What was going on? Why did they just stay in the strange positions? And why was everyone else standing back, huddling at the door?

Turns out this was no ordinary snow. It was a weird adhesive that immediately stuck everything that touched it, like a super super glue. And worse yet, it didn’t melt even when hot water was poured on it. Even worse yet, all 650 students plus staff had to stay in Clounagh Junior High overnight, then...for how long?

This little novel raises some interesting and disturbing questions. How would a person react in a life and death situation, trapped in one place with hundreds of other people and no foreseeable way out? What about food? How long will the supplies in store last?

Jamie Metcalfe had more on his mind than just the weird snow. He carried a terrible secret that changed his outlook on everything. And he discovered that he was particularly concerned that one other person survive, no matter what else happened to him or anyone else. Tara had to survive somehow, and as he lay in the dark, Jamie came up with a desperate plan. But what would it cost? He decided to act on his plan in faith.

Chion (a Greek work for snow, or “like snow”) is a book that has already proven itself as a hit with junior high students in Northern Ireland (where author Darryl Sloan lives and works). It isn’t your average Christian thriller, and Jamie acts much like a boy of his age might if he were intelligent enough. While Tara is constantly wondering about Jamie’s faith, it is never overtly preaching anything. But the elements are there. While it is aimed at middle grades, the questions raised make it a book that adults will also enjoy.

Oh, and by the way, I'll be posting an interview with this very interesting Irish author on Tuesday.

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Chion by Darryl Sloan
fantasy (2006) Midnight Pictures
ISBN 0-9543116-1-2

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Rae Byuel said...

gr8 review...can't wait to read it!
Rae Byuel

Laura Davis said...

Cathi, thanks for that review. I like to see the other perspectives on this great little book.

David said...

Another great review. Thanks Cathi, and welcome Rae. Good to see you getting the hang of things. Anyone reading this post, Rae Byuel is CFRB's newest member. She joined only a few days ago, wasn't sure what blogging was all about, and here she is, posting during our tour. Thanks Rae. For you visitors, this is the kind of people CFRB has been drawing lately, and the kind of people it has been built up around...Cathi being one of them.