Thursday, July 31, 2008


I just received an email from the Steven Curtis Chapman organization that I felt I should share with you. Please continue to keep the family in your prayers.

Thank You
A sincere thank you from Steven and Mary Beth Chapman to each of you for your prayers and condolences. The family has been overwhelmed with the response and is very grateful. We'd ask that you continue to support this family as you think of it, particularly through this year of firsts." Perhaps a reminder on your calendar on each Wednesday? or each 21st? The Chapmans believe in the power of prayer! And feel certain that the prayers of so many like you have sustained them in these trying days.

Media Appearances Upcoming

The Chapman family will be appearing on...

Good Morning America on August 5th
Larry King Live on August 7th
People Magazine issue of August 15th

Opportunities with outlets of this sort of reach would normally be reason for wild celebration... on this occasion though, I think you'd understand why we would rather not even have the coverage. The Chapmans didn't seek these appearances, and these were cautiously and prayerfully considered with input from the family, pastors, counselors, and Steven's team. When these many opportunities came, the discussion quickly centered around the opportunity to use them to remember and celebrate Maria, to thank the tens of thousands of you who have sent condolences as well as the the hundreds of thousands or more that have prayed for this family, to highlight adoption and orphans...and most importantly that the Hope of the Gospel be proclaimed.It's our hope that this is what will be accomplished, that as many as possible will be reached, especially those that would not hear of it any other way... and we seek your prayers as the family endeavors to do so in these interviews.

Likewise, a tour announcement of this historic nature would normally be wildly promoted. You know at first though, there were moments after the loss of Maria on May 21, Steven wondered if he would ever return to stage. It has become clear to him though that if he has ever believed what he has written and sung about these past 20 years, then it Must Still Be True Now. And the Chapmans believe that the Gospel is true!

So, return to stage Steven has. And now we are announcing that this October 9 - November 9, Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman will tour together for the first time ever. It is an evening not to be missed. And we are excited!

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