Sunday, April 5, 2009

SAVE MY CHILDREN: The Story of Bethany House in Canada

Save My Children
by Emily Wierenga

This month, CFRB presents Save My Children: The Story of a Father's Love by Emily Wierenga.

About the Book:
Save My Children is a fictional retelling of the true story of Harvey and Elsie Jespersen, the founders of Bethany Homes for Children. The Jespersens' desire was simple: to provide a safe place for any child needing a family. Save My Children traces the lives of battered and mistreated kids who were cared for at Bethany Homes. From 1948-1991, the Jespersens fostered over 800 children, taking up to fifty-five kids at a time. The Homes consisted of old army barracks based on forty two acres of farmland. Through hard work, determination and patience, the Jespersens transformed those barracks into a place of refuge for generations of children. Refusing to take any payment except what parents could afford, Harvey and Elsie depended on faith and the generosity of others to see them through. Save My Children powerfully demonstrates love's ability to transform brokenness into beauty.

About the Author:
Emily Wierenga is the author of Save My Children and Canvas Child, a novel about Anorexia Nervosa which was short listed in 2006 for The Word Guild's Best New Author Award. Ms. Wierenga freelances for various publications including Christian Week, Focus on the Family magazine and Faith Today. She also appeared on Canada's most watched faith-based television show, 100 Huntley Street, and was interviewed by the number one spiritual talk-back show in the nation, The Drew Marshall Show.

Save My Children is unlike the majority of books we have toured for CFRB in that it is on the verge of nonfiction, based greatly on the true life of the Jespersens and their life-long ministry with Bethany Homes for Children. The fact that the proceeds of sales will go to support Bethany Homes was a strong influence for us to run this tour. My review of the book will be upcoming, but for now I hope to whet your appetite. Please check out Ms. Wieranga's website and information about the project in the meantime.

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