Thursday, April 30, 2009

Abracadabra for Wise Guys: Magic, Mensa and Mayhem

There's nothing like blowing a hole in space-time to change your perspective on the universe....

Welcome to the multi-verse of Faerie/Mundane, where the Faerie are fae, the Mundanes are...not, and the clichés get twisted until they shatter!
The Mundane world is very much like ours: technological, commercial, and diverse in governments and cultures. The Faerie is the world of magic and legend--but not quite how we think of it. Brownies are transdimensional beings who will clean your room--and finish your Sudoku puzzles (in a different numbering system.) Elves are long-lived and long-winded to a fault (takes half an hour in Elvish to ask where the bathroom is). Just as our world obeys the laws of physics, theirs obeys the laws of magic, which means some clichés can't be avoided.
The two "meet" when a combination nuclear accident at Los Lagos Nuclear Power Station, Colorado, on the Mundane side and a magical mishap near Peebles-on-Tweed, England, on the Faerie side, create a wormhole (dubbed by one of the scientists as "The Gap," and wasn't the clothing chain pleased!). Both worlds discovered that magic and technology do not mix well, and an enchanted artifact can be as dangerous to our world as an iron griddle is to the Faerie--and equally innocuous.
Also not always mixing well, are the cultures and governments of these universes. From economic espionage to Satan's Faerie forces trying to get a toehold in the Mundane, there's plenty of side issues to keep a dragon detective busy. Then, there are the minor irritations of American citizenship for non-humans; censorship across the Gap; and the simple misunderstandings that can sometimes erupt into Interdimensional Incidents.
Into this enters Vern: a Faerie dragon living out a geas to serve God and His creatures. He emigrated to the Mundane and circumstances caused him to remain and become a professional problem solver for the particularly desperate. Over the years, he has gained respect among the Mundanes--even does some consulting for the local police--but still doesn't have that Green Card. He's a little miffed about it still.
Sister Grace, a nun and mage of the Faerie Catholic Church, is his partner. A heavyweight among mages, she channels magic mostly through the power of her voice and has gotten them out of more than one tough scrape.
Together, they solve mysteries, fight crime--Mundane, magical, neutral or evil--and save the universes on an much-too-frequent basis.
All in all, it keeps Vern and Grace on their toes. But Vern does enjoy living in interesting times....

For laughs and more information on Karina Fabian, Vern and Dragon Eye, P. I., and Magic Mensa and Mayhem, check out these websites:

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