Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WKE Excerpts and Illustrations--CFRB January Blog Tour

For today's blog, my original intent was to tease you with the first chapter and the book trailer from The Wordsmith, the Kid and the Electrolux by Clifford Leigh. Like we often do with new books. Unfortunately, I am unable to copy and paste the Adobe excerpt and the Flash trailer that Mr. Leigh has so painstakingly created. Both are very much worth your while, though, so I invite you to visit his website. The trailer is really excellent, using the author's own drawings, the same ones that are in the book, only in full color. I think it does a great job of presenting the story. The book excerpt actually has the first two chapters as well as the introduction. It's fairly short, but enough to set the scene.

I don't want to leave you without a tasty tidbit to tempt you right here, though, and so you will find below a few of the illustrations with portions of the text attached. There are more of these on the website, too, on this page. (Honestly, it's an interesting website. Interesting person.)

"Then, as if to nod with assurance, the Electrolux, like the head of a majestic elephant, reared entirely off the floor, moved swiftly toward me, rotating completely in mid-air! I had no time to be afraid, no place to escape to, that is, if I had a mind to. And, like an elephant, it seemed benign. Kids tend to think of elephants as large stuffed animals, not the massive, powerful, and often deadly creatures that they can be."

"Now, if you’ve been confused up to this point with my description of giant “L’s” and “C’s,” then what I am about to explain should really push you over the edge. For when I looked around the corner I was astonished to see that the beautiful valley continued behind the wall as far as the eye could see, not the parched plain as I expected."

Ben Endben?!” I said.
“Yes, Ben Endben. What of it?” he puzzled defensively.
“Well, it’s just kind of funny—I mean—Ben and Benjamin Endben. Not very imaginative, on your parent’s part. And it’s kind of a tongue-twister,” I said, feeling a little superior.
“Yeah, and it sort of goes on forever—” said Henry. “I mean like:
Benand- BenjaminEndbenandBenjaminandBen...”
“Yes, it does, doesn’t it,” Benjamin added. “It’s hard to tell where he begins, and I leave off.”

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