Thursday, September 10, 2009


September 11, 2001. It was a day that horrified not only every American but people around the world as well. The planes that slammed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the woods in Pennsylvania ended the lives of 2,993 in a matter of minutes.

On that most singular day of tragedy, America was shocked out of her slumber. While we knew other acts of terrorism and and savagery, we suddenly found ourselves more vulnerable than we ever suspected before.

In the wake of these attacks and the investigations to follow, we learned more and more about "sleeper cells" that have long been in place in the United States and other Western Countries. Muslims have lived quietly in our midst for years, waiting until they are called upon to do their part for Jihad, to battle with the 'infidels' of The Great Satan (the U.S.). Suddenly, more people than ever looked at every Middle Easterner with suspicion, often showing open prejudice and hostility.

Mohamed's Moon goes beyond being a good suspense novel and romance story to delve deeply into the whole American/Muslim/Christian/terrorist morass. Mohamed is a devout Muslim of the extreme sort, yet he wasn't trained to be a suicide bomber. Rather, his task was to infiltrate the system and use his intelligence to sway America to Islam. His own ideas, however, are smothered by those of the more extreme--i.e. terrorist--ilk, who consider this wedding of the Vice President and a moderate Muslim woman as a chance to take out lots of important people. What comes into play
is the more moderate types, in their efforts to be tolerant, are naively playing into the hands of the extremists. Balance comes to play, though, because not all of the Arabs are Muslim, and not all of the Muslims are hatemongers. Keith Clemons has taken great care to present the many facets of the cultures, the effects of propaganda, and the responses of Christians.

We face a bit of dilemma. How should we treat Muslims as a whole? Do we act suspicious and shun them? Should we try to befriend them and show the love of Jesus as we interact with them? Do we preach at them or show them true Christ-like-ness in our everyday lifestyle? And if we are supposed to show them love, does that mean we don't get suspicious at all about possible sleeper cells? What about the war on terrorism? What is the proper balance for a Christian? Should we try to understand how cultural differences have caused confusion and enmity?

It may be that Mohamed's Moon will raise more questions than it definitively answers, but these are questions that need spiritually sound responses.

Today, we remember a heinous plot carried out by terrorist extremists. I don't know if it would have changed anything if any of the plotters had come in contact with demonstrations of the One true God and His love. I do know that this love that comes from God has been the only thing to save many lives.

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