Tuesday, November 4, 2008

LEAPS OF FAITH, CFRB Book Tour of the Month


I'm getting a slow start this week, but I'm quite excited about the book chosen by the CFRB for November. Leaps of Faith, edited by Karina and Rob Fabian and published by The Writers' Cafe Press, is not a run-of-the-mill anthology of short stories. It's an entertaining collection of specifically science fiction tales with a decided Christian worldview.

My actual review will be posted tomorrow, but for today I want to whet your appetites by a slight introduction to the overall contents of the anthology. There are fourteen short stories written by twelve different authors (well, thirteen, but Rob and Karina Fabian work together on one).

The selections in Leaps of Faith
cover the spectrum of the SF genre, showing the positive relationship between science and religion.

Space Exploration: “High Hopes for The Dead,” shows Christian evangelism though faithful example of Luke “High Hopes” Kittery, a member of a band of space explorers for whom every trip is potential suicide. “Quantum Express” examines the soul’s fate when the body is destroyed and reassembled through teleportation. In “God’s Gift,” faith is the key to preventing insanity brought on by a new method of interstellar travel. “Leaps of Faith” highlights the new industry of space search and rescue though the intrepid nuns of Our Lady of the Rescue. In “Confirmation,” harvesters of an exotic space fuel suspect they’re harvesting intelligent life--or perhaps the angels themselves.

Encountering Alien Life: “Lost in the Translation” chronicles a monk’s evangelism to a species for which death results in corporeal rebirth. In “Lost Rythar,” ministers bring the Word of God to long-forgotten human colonies. In “Sometimes We Lie,” a native born being tries to spread an ancient human faith. Fr. Wren wonders if a sentient tree-creature can marry into the Catholic Faith in “The Convert,” while Fr. Travener faces persecution by ministering to sentient androids in “Comprehending It Not.”

Hard SF: An astrophysicist finds the face of God in the stars in “The Smile.” God is a proven fact in “The Faith Equation,” leaving the question of the role of belief. “The Relics of Venice” combines genetic engineering and love to create a miracle.

Time travel: In “Tampering with God’s Time,” time travelers find they cannot change the timeline, but are themselves change as they encounter Christ personally, while in “Moses Disposes,” King Solomon deliberately uses time travelers to bring the Bible to future generations in an idiom they can understand.

Be sure to check out the Leaps of Faith website, as well as Fabianspace, the official site of Karina and Rob Fabian (editors and authors of two of the stories in the anthology).

Book may be purchased through the publisher, The Writers' Cafe Press and Amazon.com.

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Karina Fabian said...


Thanks for posting. I'm sorry you got sick. Get well! Enjoy the heat wave. We're having on in Minot, too--it was 39 degrees when I took the kids to school this morning. Barefeet weather.


Laura Davis said...

Cahti, I realize this post was just to wet the appetite, but it was so informative, I want to read the book now! Can't wait for your review!