Friday, November 30, 2007

How about some free books before Christmas?

Ashberry Lane is having a contest and giving away books. Read the announcement below from their website and follow the instructions to be entered if you so choose. Be sure to check out their webpage and sign up for their newsletter to be entered.

****We've added 65 subscribers in the last few months and that's largely because you spread the word. But we're not happy yet. We're not even close to satisfied. Which leads right into our BIG announcement ...

We write about relationships. We are a relationship. We want to dominate the relationship brand. And we want to have at least 500 subscribers by the first of the year. Should we expect you to keep working so hard at strong-arming your friends to sign up while you get nothing out of the deal? No way!

Compassionate as we are, we've worked up a HUGE new incentive. How better to promote our relational fiction than featuring other fiction that focuses on different types of relationship? Why don't we give our supporters a chance to win EIGHT autographed books? Without further ado, we present, with a booming voice,

For the Friend Relationship: Roxanne Henke's After Anne
One of our absolute favorite books. As you watch Olivia and Anne struggle through a difficult challenge, you'll want to be a better friend.

For the Prodigal Relationship: Robin Lee Hatcher's Return to Me
How many of us have walked away from what our father wanted for us? Or away from our Father? This story will remind you that the you can go home again.

For the Marriage Relationship: Robin Jones Gunn's Wildflowers Wildflowers
Married Genevieve falls in love with the man she least expected could win her heart. It's not who you might think ....

For the Sibling Relationship: Laurainne Snelling's Ruby (Dakotah Treasures #1)
In the first of this frontier series, Ruby must deal with her new "inheritance" while protecting her sister from its influences.

For the Man's Perspective on Relationships: James Scott Bell's Breach of Promise
A heart-rending story of a man trying to keep his family together.

For the Supernatural Relationship: Tosca Lee's Demon: A Memoir
Don't let the title of this book scare you away. There is no glorification of the demonic, but an enlightened fresh look at what History means.

For the Relationships Gone Bad: Bette Nordberg's Serenity Bay
A truly terrifying story of woman who married Prince Charming and discovered he wasn't.

For the Single Among the Marriage-Minded: Camy Tang's Sushi for One? (The Sushi Series, Book 1)
You'll laugh. You'll relate. You'll be impressed with this debut novel from up-and-coming author Camy Tang.

EIGHT books. ONE winner. Here are the ways to win:

Any new subscriber or referral will gain another entry.
Publicize this to your homeys through newsletters: one entry.

Blog about the contest: one entry. (Email us and we'll send you what to post or copy off this newsletter.)

Include it in your Christmas cards: two entries.

Tuck it in the gift bag with the fruitcake you'll be leaving on random doorsteps: five entries.

Just log on to:

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Christina Berry said...

Thank you so much for blogging this! You mentioned signing up, but I haven't seen your name come through on the database yet. Did you get the email confirmation with the link to click? Maybe check your junk mail.

I'm hoping we're not having a glitch!

Please let me know. :-)